Random Netflix Movie of the Week – Dear Zachary


The medium of film is so powerful. Filmmaking is a huge and largely unpredictable skill – and when a movie can engage you while truly convincing¬†you to care? That’s a good movie.

This week’s Random Netflix Movie of the Week is a good movie.

This week, I chose a movie that I had heard mentioned and seen on several lists of “must watch,” but I had never expected to be so moved by it.

Filmmaker Kurt Keunne’s friend Andrew Bagby was killed by a jilted girlfriend in late 2001. In the flurry surrounding his murderer’s capture and impending trial, she announced that she was 4 months pregnant with Andrew’s child.

Keunne set out to make a film for his friend’s son – Zachary – so that people who loved Andrew and knew him would be able to share memories with a son he would never meet.

With a movie like this, the term “spoiler” seems trivial – so I don’t want to use it. I will say, though, that I can’t really say much more about this truly excellent film without ruining the emotional impact that is so crucial to the story it tells.

I recommend that you watch this movie. Not in public, and not with anyone you are uncomfortable being overly emotional around, but definitely watch it. Then call the people you love and tell them you love them.

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