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David Cross, of Blue Man Group fame, wrote and directed this week’s Random Netflix Movie of the Week – and it’s a winner.

Dave believes in the spirit of America. He trusts in the beauty of the legal process and the order of the executive system. As a result, he spends his spare time campaigning for his various pet causes – potholes, garbage regulations, and various public hazards. He is sincere, unswayable, and devoted.

Katelyn, Dave’s daughter, is meant for fame. She knows her destiny and will do anything – anything – to make it happen.

Amid Katelyn’s quest for stardom, Dave gets noticed on YouTube and quickly amasses a following – documentary hipsters who will do anything for the next big breakthrough. Dave, though, may turn out not to be who they perceive.

This film is a fantastic (and the best kind of undercurrent-funny) look at the reality-TV-instant-sensation culture that we inhabit in our every day connectedness, as well as a sobering reminder that every pet cause in a Facebook link isn’t necessarily all it seems to be.

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