Random Netflix Movie of the Week – Jesus Henry Christ


I always wondered what the “H” stood for…

Well, this was a surprise. Jesus Henry Christ is an extraordinary film from Dennis Lee.

The story follows Henry’s life and his remarkable memory abilities since birth. He is a young boy genius who was conceived in a petri dish and raised by his single mother, played flawlessly by Toni Collette. He discovers he has a half-sister and – armed with that information – he sets about finding who his biological father is.

The cast is amazing together, and the characters are carefully developed – so much so that even the kind-of absurd plot feels terrifically realistic. The story is satisfying and surprising, and in a way, even more real in its third act for not following Hollywood formulas with predictable romance and entanglements.

The plot may be nothing remarkable, but the cast embodies their characters so seamlessly that you’re left rooting for everyone by the end.

Humor, heartstring-pulling, and a flawed but likable ensemble….I give this one all the stars. Definitely watch it.

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