Random Netflix Movie of the Week – Joe Dirt


Honestly? This week’s movie wasn’t random. I’ve wanted to rewatch Joe Dirt since I saw that it was on Netflix, because sometimes you just need some gutter humor. And David Spade. 

Joe Dirt is a janitor with flawless hair and a sunny outlook on everything, and when he becomes the focus of a Howard Stern-y type radio show, he recounts his many adventures to a massive audience.

Joe’s parents abandoned him at the Grand Canyon when he was eight – and since then, Joe has traveled far and wide searching for his long lost family.

This movie is hilarious and wonderful for those times when you need a shallow, eye-rolling, feel good movie. There is no deep meaning here, but two hours could certainly be spent in worse ways than cheering for Joe Dirt.

There also a sequel in the works, so whether you like it or not, you might need to rewatch this movie just to keep up to date.

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