Random Netflix Movie of the Week – Welcome to Me


Hidden deep within the tunnels of Netflix — there really are some good movies. It’s nice to be reminded of that every now and then.



“Welcome to Me” is a black comedy from Shira Piven, featuring Kristen Wiig alongside a slew of familiar faces — Tim Robbins, James Marsden, Wes Bentley, and Linda Cardellini are just the ones I remember offhand.
The film follows Alice Klieg, an emotionally….different individual, as she wins an $86 million jackpot and proceeds to fire her therapist, discontinue her meds, and invest chunks of cash into a vanity talk show so that she can be like Oprah.
This is probably totally how I would live my post-lottery winning life.
Alice’s talk show, “Welcome to Me,” is about, well, Alice. She casts people to reenact her memories, she prepares protein-packed recipes, and she rolls around in a glorious swan. Her four-hour daily shows serve as an infusion of funding to the cash-strapped station, and it’s a battle between making Alice happy and avoiding total lunacy.
There are plenty of things to love about this movie. Kristen Wiig is amazing, and the supporting cast is perfectly suited to accompany her. While I didn’t walk away from “Welcome to Me” with any life-changing revelations, I was somehow…happier.
If you have ever been misunderstood, or wondered how things would work out if you just focused on making yourself happy, you should watch this movie. It’s a good use of two hours.

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