Revenge of the Fifth! Also, it’s Cinco de Mayo!


Celebrate the revenge of the fifth with the Dark Side; they have margaritas.

Do all of those Jedi nerds have you down? Do you embrace hate and want to shoot Force lightening out of your fingers? Don’t worry, the follow up to Star Wars Day is for you; the Revenge of the Fifth is upon us!

May 5th is a day to be celebrated by all of you Sith Lords and all of those who partake in the Dark Side of the Force, and has been dubbed the Revenge of the Fifth. Get it? Yesterday was….nevermind, you got it.

May 5th is also Cinco de Mayo, the celebration of the Mexican army’s victory over France. Note: THIS IS NOT MEXICAN INDEPENDENCE DAY! Also, Cinco de Mayo is celebrated far more heavily in the United States than actually in Mexico; we bet you’ve seen some incredible Cinco specials from Taco Bell and other big box restaurants.

So, to honor both the Dark Side and tasty food and drink, we have a couple of questions we need your answers to:

Who is your all-time favorite villain in the Star Wars franchise? 

What tasty food or drinks do you enjoy the most on Cinco de Mayo?

Revenge of the Fifth

Let us know! We might feature your answers on this week’s podcast!

Speaking of podcast…have you heard our official spoiler-free review of Avengers 2: Age of Ultron yet? Click here to listen!

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