Rumors Begin of New 3DS Replacement


The 3DS has been Nintendo’s lifeblood, but what technology is the company looking towards to take the 3DS to the next level?

Nintendo New Console

Rumors are afloat of Nintendo eyeing some unusual design ideas for an upcoming update to their 3DS handheld gaming console. The new console display will be using a brand new technology by Sharp called a “free-form-display”, which is pretty sweet! The displays will also be supplied by Sharp.

Free Form Display Prototype

Sharps new Free Form Display, prototype announced in June 2014

Rumor Mill Open for Business

The buzz started a few days ago, when the Japan Times released an article stating that Sharp would be supplying these new displays to Nintendo — not a surprise since Sharp already supplies the screen for the current 3DS. Also, in October, Nintendo started hiring staff to help work on future platforms, including a hardware architect.

What’s This New Display All About

If you cannot tell from the image above, this display is very special. Because of its cutting edge circuitry designs, the display is able to have curved “edges”. This not currently possible with any other display. Take a look at any device that you have in your home. The display is rectangular, isn’t it? The bezel which surrounds the display might have curved edges, but the display itself is flat and pointed in the corners. This new technology, which utilizes Sharps IGZO technology, will/can allow for rounded corners. This opens up a whole new realm of design possibilities, as demonstrated in the photo above.

Wait, This has Already Been Done. Right?

Yes, in a way. The Note 4 Edge does have a curved edge on the right side of the display, but it is not using the same technology and not to the same degree as these new FFD displays. It is essentially a separate display shown through curved glass.

Note 4 Edge

Curved edge display on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Edge

Do-Nut Shape? Really?

Weather the new design ends up being “do-nut” shape remains to be seen, but one thing is sure — Nintendo and Sharp have had their fair share of market issues as of late. Both have had a hard time lately and both really need a hail Mary. Quoting Nintendo President Satoru Iwata, “It won’t be enough that we simply upgrade” the existing models. So whatever we see from Nintendo, I am hoping that it will be spectacular. Sharp just threw their hail Mary and I think it will be a winner for them.

Sharp has said that it wants to start production of these displays as soon as possible. Nintendo is hiring engineers. Best guess, currently, is late 2016 to middle 2017 for the new 3DS replacements to actually start production. That would mean that possibly late next year, we should start seeing some prototypes and possibly some betas out there. We will have to wait and see. As more details emerge, we at Just Us Geeks will be on top of it.

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