Samsung ruled guilty, infringed on Apple’s patents


In a short 21 hour deliberation after a grueling three week trial, the jury has ruled in favor of Apple in the Apple vs. Samsung patent trial.  Specifically, all 21 of Samsung’s products infringed on Apple’s bounceback patent, while all but 3 products infringed on the Cupertino, CA tech giant’s “pinch and zoom” patent.  Perhaps the biggest charge is that Samsung executives either knew or should have known that all of their products were guilty of infringement in the first place.

The reading of the jury form is still going on, so this is still a developing story.  There will be an inevitable series of appeals, or course, but the decision has been made.  What do you think about this verdict, and what does it mean for Samsung?  Let us know in the comments section, and stay tuned as we continue to follow the breaking news.

UPDATE: several devices have also been found guilty of infringing on Apple’s “front trade dress”, in other words – the way the interface looks

UPDATE 2: Samsung was unable to prove that even one of Apple’s contested patents is invalid.  Furthermore, Samsung is being charged with intentional intellectual property theft.

UPDATE 3: Samsung must pay over $1 billion in damages to Apple.  That’s quite a chunk of change.


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