Season Pass Announced with Forza Horizon



Gamers wishing to spend an extra ten or twenty bucks on their games will be pleased to know that Xbox 360’s upcoming open world racing adventure, Forza Horizon, will allow gamers to purchase a Season Pass that will drip new cars and hopefully new areas to race in every month or so. Playground Games in association with Turn 10 studios promise a continuing stream of downloadable goodies which can be purchased one at a time or be delivered automatically via the Season Pass, similar to such services as Call of Duty Elite. Forza Horizon will be an open world racer allow players to speed against each other over a  massive open environment. While the makers of the game promise they are not attempting to change the formula of Forza up too much,  many gamers are still worried that their beloved series will be altering course for the worst.


Playground Games has promised a demo will be available ahead of the game’s October 23rd release date, so keep checking back for more info!

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