Shut up, crime!


Don’t get that reference? Meh, it’s ok; Rainn Wilson and I forgive you.

But what does Rainn Wilson and a judge from New York not forgive? Tweeting your crimes.

Judge Matthew Sciarrino has ruled against Malcom Harris, a guy with a sketchy past and heavy participant in the Occupy Wall Street movement, particularly storming the Brooklyn Bridge with a host of others. As many are prone to do, Harris tweeted about his misdoings. Although Harris went back and deleted his tweets, Judge Sciarrino has ruled that tweets aren’t ours to delete, and actually are owned by Twitter, which can then be ordered to give up the information.

Even though this ruling is somewhat controversial, it serves as a great reminder to think before you tweet, Facebook, or post any kind of content out in the interwebs.

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