So What Now? Where The Walking Dead Might Go From Here


We’ve got lots of questions about last week’s The Walking Dead, but what are the answers?

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So, in case you haven’t done so by now, if you haven’t seen last week’s episode of The Walking Dead, now’s probably a good time to stop reading this article and go watch the episode.

If you have watched the episode, like most sane folks have, then you and I both are wondering the same thing: so what now?

This probably would've ended better than the episode did.

This probably would’ve ended better than the episode did.

Rick banished Carol, in a way only “TV Rick Grimes” would: nonsensical. Not quite able to get over the fact that Carol acted instinctively by horribly murdering and burning the bodies of two Woodburians, Rick decided the best thing for Carol and the group would be to banish her….?

Yeah…I’m pretty confused as well.

Marty said to me after the episode “Why do they want us to hate Rick Grimes?”; that’s an incredibly great question. Unfortunately, it might be easier to figure out what could possibly happen from this point in this version of The Walking Dead.

No matter what happens initially Tyreese is still REALLY REALLY mad.

Hammer Time


See, Rick was right; Hammer Time will definitely happen if Tyreese finds out that Carol was behind the body burnings. I’m not sure if the showrunners are showing us just how emotional and volatile Tyreese is for a particular reason, or if it’s just the way they intended to go with this character, his ability to fly off the handle (or sit in a zombie-riddled car) make Tyreese the biggest wild card this show has yet to see.

Same Thor


However, I still have a problem with his magic hammer.

So, hypothetically, let’s say Rick goes back to the prison and tells the truth, and hopes that everyone there will understand his deep desire to banish a person into sea of zombies alone, what actually might happen?

NormanAndrew Inside

The bromance between Rick and Daryl is over; I just can’t see it going over well at all seeing as how Rick has banished Daryl’s “on-again-off-again/are-they-or-aren’t-they” gal pal. Let’s face facts: Rick was WAY out of line in his decision here; he isn’t even a part of the prison council, so what gives him the right to send Carol to her death? Now imagine that picture up there with guns drawn and crossbows pointed…that’s about how well it will go over if Rick decides to spill the truth here. I can’t imagine anyone in this situation supporting Rick or this decision, especially Carl.

So basically, Rick has to lie.

Rick has to come up with some story to tell everyone how Carol died in some noble fashion, and blah blah blah. This seems to be the logical choice, even for crazy TV Rick Grimes.

But that leaves Rick potentially without ANY consequences whatsoever. Carol could ride off in that station wagon into the sunset, start a new life, possibly her own spinoff.

Or something else might could happen; something very very bad.

Governor Inside


Like Carol getting found by The Governor and holding her hostage? Yep, sounds like something he’d do. That scenario makes for lots of great plot twists and turns, and might go well for the mid-season finale or close to the end of this season. How’s Rick going to explain that? More and MORE Daryl/Rick tensions could occur.

Or, Carol could join the one-eyed man, and help him drive that tank right through the prison walls to “Kill them all!”.

We have no idea what’s going to happen, but we’ll all know something soon enough! What are your thoughts and opinions? Like or hate the direction the show is going this season? Was Rick right or wrong for getting rid of Carol? WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! Let us know over on Twitter!

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