Sony Hangs On To Spider-Man


Sony is scraping by and holds on to their talented web-slinger.

Sony Hangs On To Spiderman

Do you want to see Spider-Man take his rightful place among the Marvel MCU? It almost happened, and still possibly could!

Those darn hackers who invaded the Sony Store have begun releasing information from the many emails they’ve downloaded. One interesting tidbit is the fact that Sony was in talks with Marvel to allow Spidey to appear in a Marvel Phase movie.

Unfortunately, these talks seem to have broken down last October, with Sony walking away from the negotiating table and instead developing its own slate of webhead-themed projects. These would have included an animated comedy feature, a spin-off Sinister Six movie, and a series of films based around the women in Peter Parker’s life. Ummmm, yeah.

However, in true comic book fashion, all is apparently not lost. According to Latino-Review, the big dogs at Sony Japan have ordered their American counterparts back to negotiations with Marvel and Disney. Whether this will ultimately result in the wallcrawler teaming up with The Avengers on the big screen remains to be seen. Let’s all cross our respective fingers and toes on this one.

So what’s your opinion on this? Do you want to see the Civil War storyline done right, with Spider-Man playing the important role that he does in the comics? Comment below and let us know!

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