Superwood: The Connections Between Everwood and Superheroes


Is there a connection between Everwood and Superheroes?

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Superwood: The Connections between Everwood and Superheroes

It is always surprising and cool when you discover something new or something you didn’t know before. It’s also fun to see connections in the unlikeliest of places. We all enjoy this I think. A good example of this is the game “7 Degrees of Kevin Bacon”. To find out how actors or actresses are connected can be very intriguing and interesting.

In a previous article, I wrote about the connections between Doctor Who and Star Wars. That one seemed fairly easy to connect the two together. What I didn’t expect was to see the connection between a early to mid 2000s TV show on the now defunct WB Network and the realm of super heroes. Who would’ve guessed? But as I’ve come to find out there is a pretty strong connection between the TV show Everwood and the realm of superheroes.

As I mentioned on episode 99 of the podcast “Snowmagedon” as my “Jam of the Week”, I got started watching the show on Netflix (the DVDs, too bad it’s not on streaming). I have had it on my queue for awhile now and it finally got near the top. I had been interested in watching it for some time. I didn’t watch it when it initially aired but thanks to Netflix I can just go straight through watching it. As I started watching it, I began to find out this super connection between the show and world of comic books (specifically comic book movies and TV shows).

Two big ones that stand out are two of the lead actors from the show (both of whom I mentioned on the podcast). The first is Chris Pratt, who plays Bright Abbott on the show. He is set to star as Peter Quill aka Star Lord in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. The second is Emily VanCamp, who plays Amy Abbott (Bright’s brother) on the show. She is set to star as Peggy Carter in Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

That is interesting enough but as I got to watching the show more and doing more research, I found some more connections. Merrilyn Gann, who plays Rose Abbott (Bright and Amy’s mom) on the show, guest starred as Ruth Cavanaugh on Smallville in the Season 10 episode “Harvest”. Kate Mara, who guest starred in two episodes as Kate Morris, played a US Marshall in Iron Man 2 and was just recently announced as Sue Storm in the new Fantastic Four film to be released next year. Mike Erwin, who played Colin Hart on the show, was the teenage Bruce Banner in the 2003 Marvel film Hulk. He also provided the voice of Speedy on the mid 2000s DC cartoon Teen Titans. Even J.K. Simmons has the Everwood/Superhero connection. Simmons guest starred in Season 2 playing Phil Drebbels and was J. Jonah Jameson in the Sam Raimi Spiderman films as well as numerous Marvel cartoons.

Granted some were obscure but still they were connections. Case in point, Jan Broberg, who played Louise on the show, was Senior Technician on Iron Man 3. Another was Nancy Everland, who played Sharon Hart on the show. She played Sam Leary on the 1989 version of The Punisher (that’s the one with Dolph Lundgren). Then there’s Paul Wesley, who played Tommy Callahan on the show, played Lucas Luthor Lex Luthor’s half brother in the Season 2 episode “Prodigal” of Smallville. There is also Blake Neely. He composed the music for Everwood (and also won an Emmy for his work) and is currently composing music for the TV show Arrow based on the DC hero Green Arrow.

Who knew that this TV drama about a widowed doctor who moves his family to a town in Colorado would be so connected to superheroes? So if I’m a casting director at Marvel or DC, looks like I might be making a call to actors and actresses who had a role on Everwood. It seems like it is Superwood.

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