• TV Networks Preparing to Sue Dish Network

    If you’ve listened to any of our JustUs Geeks podcasts, then you know that Jared is a big fan and supporter of Dish Network’s new DVR system, the Hopper. Dish recently updated the Hopper to include a new feature called ...
  • New Fall TV Schedules From ABC, CBS, NBC, & FOX

    Borrowed from TVLine.com, here is a quick chart of what your TV viewing schedule is going to look like in the upcoming fall. Unfortunately you’ll have to convert these to Central Standard Time yourself.  (hint: Take the time listed for ...
  • Podcast Episode 2

    In episode 2 the Geeks discuss Dish Network’s new Hopper DVR, review Kid Icarus, catch you up on X-Men Versus Avengers, take listener questions, Apps of the week and more! Download it here!
  • Dish Network escalates DVR war with new “Hopper” system

    Guys.  My life changed forever this morning. I happened to catch a commercial for Dish Networks new Hopper DVR and immediately rushed online to find out more about it.  An hour later, I had scheduled my installation for Monday morning. ...