• Podcast Episode 48 – PSsnore

    Hey, did you hear? Sony’s got a new gamebox they’re calling the Playstation 4, and it’s going to be totally rad!  Well, maybe.  This week the Geeks tackle the news of the PS4 and move on to discuss the bloody ...
  • Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters Official Trailer

    Thanks to our friends over at IGN and The Hub, we’ve got our first look at Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters with the official trailer that was shown at Toy Fair!
  • Bane’s voice on the mend?

    According to reports out of Cinemacon in Las Vegas, NV, several clips from the soon-to-be-released The Dark Knight Rises were presented to audience members, and it appears by several accounts that Christopher Nolan has buckled under the pressure from fans: Bane’s ...