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Delivery Man, a Review : Vince Vaughn is all that matters.

Let me preface everything by saying one thing:

I love Vince Vaughn. Love. I am predisposed to watch/enjoy anything that he is cast in.

I make no apologies for my life.

Previews for his most recent film, Delivery Man, didn’t look bad. A little cheesy, maybe – certainly

geared toward romantic comedy/chick flick crowds. I got a little choked up watching one of the

trailers, even, so I knew that I would definitely want to see the film because I AM the cheesy

romantic comedy chick flick crowd.

Vaughn portrays David Wozniak (no relation to Steve, apparently, which I kept expecting to be a

big plot twist), who is bumbly and unlucky and apparently a terrible manager of his own finances

as evidenced by all the HUGE past due stamps on his mail in the opening sequence.

We are introduced to David’s family and the family business, then to his (surprise, pregnant!)

girlfriend Emma who tells him he has no real life. Chris Pratt plays David’s best friend who

conveniently happens to be a hilarious lawyer.

By the time another lawyer appeared to tell Vince/David that he was the biological father of 533

children, I was ready to give up. They had made this guy so…depressing. Even I was having

trouble thinking that all these kids would need him in their lives.

So the upshot is that 20 years ago David donated sperm something like 690 times under the

name of “Starbuck” and the result (due to “high quality sperm” which opens up a thousand

questions) was 533 children who are now grown. 142 of them (who all look like models aside

from the one Jonah Hillish guy and are probably secretly hoping to find a billionaire donor dad

with excellent sperm) have filed suit hoping to force him to disclose his identity.

We’ve all seen the commercials. David gets a file containing the names and pictures of his kids

and starts creeper stalking them one by one. There are several very feely things that come from

this, particularly involving one son who is nonverbal and severely disabled. It’s very sweet.

There are bonfires and picnics.

I won’t spoil the whole movie. Of course there was a feel good ending and of course Vince

Vaughn was adorable. The whole thing made me simultaneously wish for more kids and be glad

I only have three.

You should see this movie. Even if you don’t like Vince Vaughn (who ARE you?) and even if you

have decided never to procreate. You will be a better person for these two hours.

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