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The countdown is winding down; here’s Article Seven of the Countdown to All Out War.

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Welcome to day seven of the JustUs Geeks War Report countdown to All Out War. Our wait for the beginning of war is very close to being over. Today we are going to cover the Alexandria Safe-Zone, Rick and companies own community.

After making the long trek to Washington, D.C. under the false pretense that Eugene was a scientist and that he knew what caused the zombie plague, Rick and company were quickly approached by Aaron who wished to join them with his community. While our survivors were weary of this invitation at first, this community, which is know as the Alexandria Safe-Zone would soon prove to be the beacon of hope that Rick and the others were looking for. As is with everything in The Walking Dead the relative calm was followed by the storm. The storm in this case, of course, being Negan, and the threat he poses to the livelihood of every member of the Safe-Zone’s residents.

When Rick and company first arrived at the Safe-Zone it is in a state of relative peace. Despite this, Rick’s presence does cause a few problems, partly due to his failing mental health and partly his unfailing sense that he knows what is best for the community. After a few run-ins with Pete Anderson, Rick is given permission by Douglas to kill him, which lead to a group of scavengers led by a man named Derek being alerted of the Safe-Zone’s location. Despite the threat it seemed that Derek’s group posed to the community, they were quickly dispatched once they reached the Safe-Zone. In what seemed to be a horrible case of continuing cause and effect, the confrontation with the scavengers led to a herd of zombies attacking the community. After one of the most harrowing fights with the zombies in all of The Walking Dead, Rick and company were able to secure the Safe-Zone once again.

It seemed that in this new location Rick’s group was untouchable by zombie and human threat alike. Rick’s attitude reflected this, especially when Jesus introduced Rick to the Hilltop community’s leader, Douglas. Very shortly after their meeting Rick learned of the existence of Negan and his Saviors, and Rick offered Douglas the same protection without a price. Little did he know how big of a threat he was unleashing on his own community.

Shortly, after the distressing events that lead to Glenn’s death and Rick’s acceptance of Negan’s terms of protection, the Safe-Zone would have a new visitor in Negan himself. Having intimidated Rick into submission had put the once peaceful community in subjection to a psychopath. Negan at this point expected fifty percent of all supplies from the community in order to pay for his “protection” of the Safe-Zone. Regardless of his benevolent claims, he would constantly make veiled threats and rude remarks to various members of the community, marking what could almost be described as a reign of terror.

Rick is willing to protect the Safe-Zone, despite Negan’s overwhelming force, partly due to his need to protect the ones he loves, but also due to its ideal setup. Due to the fact that the community is actually several blocks of Alexandria, Virginia surrounded by the wall, each resident is allowed a house of their own, and certain modern commodities can be enjoyed by its residents. This makes the Safe-Zone an important location in the war, not only due to it being Rick’s headquarters, but also because of how valuable such a community could be to Negan in the long run. Some of the heaviest fighting with Negan has already taken place here due to the survivors will to protect it, and Rick will continue to do whatever it takes to continue protecting it.

These days it does not seem that the Safe-Zone is as safe as it was before Rick’s group arrived. Rick even told Carl this when he commanded Carl to stay at the Safe-Zone during the war to protect it. I think it is safe to assume that both sides know how important the Safe-Zone could be to further survival, meaning that war could easily make its way to the Safe-Zone’s streets. Even with the Safe-Zone’s high walls, nowhere will be safe during All Out War.

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