Toku Tuesday – Loot Crate Edition!


Toku Tuesday returns to celebrate the JustUsGeeks new friends at LootCrate and to talk about, what else, Power Rangers!
To celebrate the recent sponsorship of JustUsGeeks by Loot Crate, I thought I’d dust off the Toku Tuesday format for a look at May’s Crate, which had Power Rangers in it! The theme was Unite, featuring items from Marvel, Rick and Morty, Power Rangers, Team Fortress 2, and a few other team related properties.

If you don’t know what Loot Crate is, here’s a quick run down: each month you get a themed box of random, secretive, sometimes exclusive items of your favorite properties, or ones you don’t know about yet. I’ve been getting Loot Crates for about seven months now. A few months I have been iffy about if I will continue or not, but the shirts usually win it for me overall.

Here’s a complete rundown of the contents of May’s crate:

  • A collectible pin commemorating this month’s theme
  • Loot Crate exclusive Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Green/White T-Shirt
  • Avengers Age of Ultron window sticker
  • Loot Crate exclusive Team Fortress 2 button set
  • Loot Crate exclusive Bravest Warriors comic
  • Marvel Superheroes ice cube tray
  • Loot Crate exclusive MAD comic
  • Loot Crate exclusive Marvel shoe laces
  • Loot Crate exclusive Rick and Morty 300 piece puzzle

Want to see what these items look like? Head over to the JustUs Geeks YouTube channel, and check out their Periscope video from the unboxing of the May crate.

Tommy may not be my favorite Ranger lately, and while I feel “Green/White” gets too much attention sometimes, the shirt is a sweet design. It’s also a Loot Crate exclusive, and as I mentioned during the Periscope broadcast of Episode 167 of the JustUs Geeks podcast, this should would easily sell for $50 at a convention.

So, does a monthly box of random geeky stuff excite you? Well if you do, go to and use the promo code JUSTUSGEEKS to save $3 on your first month! You don’t want to miss next month’s theme: Cyber!

Also, check out the latest episode of the JustUs Geeks podcast; it’s all about Loot Crate! Click here for podcast.

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