Toku Tuesday – Zyuranger Available for Pre-order!


Thats right! “Before Power Rangers… There was Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger!” Now it is out for pre order!

Preorder Zyuranger

This week’s Toku Tuesday is not a long one because the only thing I have to talk about today is that it is finally happening! It has only been two weeks since I talked about Shout! Factory releasing a Sentai series in America, but now they have made it available for preorder over on and! The listing price for the ten disc set with all fifty episodes is $54.99.

You can currently get Zyuranger at Amazon for $38.49.

You can also get the series directly from Shout! Factory’s website for $49.97.

Be sure to get this pre-ordered ASAP if you want to see the source behind Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. If this sells well, we might get the next season, Dairanger (MMPR Season Two), or, who knows, maybe newer Sentai seasons. It all depends on how well this set sells.

Be sure to check back here on for even more Toku-related articles! If you have any questions about Toku or have a request for a topic, let me know @animeredneck96 over on Twitter! Until then, enjoy the site, Toku, and the podcast!

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