Transformers Encore #23 to be……FORTRESS MAXIMUS!!!


That’s right, the largest Transformer ever made is set to be rereleased in what could be called the biggest news in awhile for fans of Transformers.  Fortress Maximus is an Autobot city and has the distinction of being a double Headmaster, with his head transforming into the robot Cerebros, who’s head transforms into none other than Spike Witwicky.  Fortress Maximus stands at around 2 feet tall, making him the largest single piece ever produced in Transformers history.

Hasbro has tried numerous times to release this mold and has been shot down by the United States’ rigorous standards for toy releases, including that the toy must pass a drop test from a certain height, and not break into pieces that are sharp or could cause a choking hazard.  Despite their attempts, there was no way to release the mold here.  However, because Japan does not have such regulations, this item can be made available as an import piece, albeit for a larger price.

Fortress Maximus is set to be released in April of 2013 with a price tag of $399.  You can also get a $50 discount if you are willing to wait an extra 4 weeks after release due to slower shipping times.  Pre-order before it’s sold out!

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