Transformers Prime Gaia Unicron and more revealed!


Thanks to Robot Kingdom, we now have pictures of the upcoming Transformers releases that we mentioned this past Monday, albeit a little small.  Unicron looks every bit as skeletal and menacing as he did during the show, and looks as if he might even COMBINE with Optimus Prime, if I’m looking at that image right.  Hit the jump below to see Darkness Megatron, Jet Vehicon, and more!

Jet Vehicon is on the right. Notice that Autobot Swerve and Airachnid are shadowed out on the bottom.

Darkness Megatron, with his former monkey to cannon minicon, and now with more Ratbat-esque minicon action!

Upcoming United releases of the previously American only Power Core Combiners. I've got 10 to 1 odds that these still suck...

Another shot of the United release of Power Core Combiners

Energon Driller with Knockout....and could that be Nemesis Prime shadowed over in the corner?

HT to Robot Kingdom for all the pics.

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