True Blood – Season 5 premiere recap (spoilers)



Game of Thrones has ended, sending myself and millions of other fans into deep mourning. Thankfully True Blood has swooped into the Sunday time slot to help relieve a little of our Tyrion withdrawal.

Here’s a quick recap of tonight’s episode:

In one of the most obvious “twists” ever, the newly vamped Reverend reveals to Jason that he’s gay. And totally in love with him. Poor sweet Jason lets the ole’ Rev down as easily as he can, which Rev doesn’t take so well. Thankfully Jessica busts in and helps get rid of him before he can sink his teeth into Jason’s neck.

Sookie and Lafayette convince Pam to turn what’s left of Tara into a vampire in a last ditch effort to save her, even though (as Lafayette points out) Tara hates vampires more than anything. Pam protests, pointing out that Tara is currently missing half of her brains, but goes through with it after Sookie promises her a future favor in return. Unfortunately for them, it seems Tara has returned as a very feral vampire. Whoops.

Noel from Felicity Terry’s old war buddy continued to try and recruit Terry to help him track down the other members of their Iraq unit to make sure they are ok, since four of them have experienced mysterious fires lately.

Vampire Bill and Eric are captured by the Authority, just to be rescued by Eric’s “sister” (whom he promptly does naughty things with), and then re-captured by the Authority. Whoops.

Jessica is serving at the acting Queen of Louisiana in Bill’s absence… by throwing a co-ed Rock Band drinking party. Jason shows up, sees Jessica being all hoochy with the guys at the party, and decides to get a girl of his own… but can’t bring himself to do anything with her since he’s so caught up on Jessica. Poor Jason.

Sam tries to take the fall with the Werewolf pack for the death of their pack master, but noble Alcide won’t let him. The wolves don’t take kindly to the news that Alcide killed his own pack master though.

Those are the major events from the episode. What did you guys think? Excited for the rest of the season? Upset that Tara isn’t dead? (I know I am) Ready to see Russell Edgington back in action?

Let us know in the comments!

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