TV Networks Preparing to Sue Dish Network


If you’ve listened to any of our JustUs Geeks podcasts, then you know that Jared is a big fan and supporter of Dish Network’s new DVR system, the Hopper. Dish recently updated the Hopper to include a new feature called “Auto Hop” that automatically skips over commercials on shows recorded off the Big 4 networks… and, as expected, they are readying legal action against the television provider.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, lawyers for the networks are gearing up to take Dish to task for “attacking our ecosystem”. See, TV shows aren’t made just to entertain you and give you something to do instead of exercise. TV shows are exclusively made in order to sell advertisements (commercials) that reap the network money. That is why ratings are so important to a TV show… the more folks who view a show, the more money the network can charge for commercials that air during that show. TV networks are nothing more than advertising firms when you get down to it.

That is why they are so upset at Dish and their Auto Hop. If viewers aren’t watching the ads, then the network can’t charge as much money to the advertisers.

I’m a huge fan of the Hopper and I’m really enjoying Auto Hop… but I won’t be surprised if it is suddenly disabled here soon.


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  1. Hunter 23 May, 2012 at 20:51 Reply

    You guys at JustUsGeeks are not alone in your love of the Hopper and Auto Hop. I have loved Auto Hop since a coworker at Dish first showed it to me. I understand how TV used to work, but maybe its time for a change. I know that as a viewer I don’t have a lot of time to sit down and watch TV so I have always fast forwarded through the commercials in an attempt to cram in a few more episodes. All Auto Hop does is cut out a few extra button pushes, what is so bad about that?

    • Sam 5 June, 2012 at 18:35 Reply

      I don’t understand why CBS, FOX, & NBC execs don’t want us to enjoy commercial-free TV. I’m a DISH employee – AutoHop is great because you can easily watch commercial-free TV. Public Knowledge, a consumer advocacy group, is taking a stand for consumers by creating a petition that tells CBS, FOX, & NBC media to keep their hands out of your living room & DVR. Sign their petition to keep control of how you watch TV

  2. Miller 24 May, 2012 at 09:37 Reply

    Could we see Dish as doing something like the NetFlix deal to keep the Hopper alive? With NetFlix the commercials are cut out and the show is shown in its entirety but this is only after the show has aired on television first so that the production companies can reap the profits from advertisers. Just think if the Super Bowl was played without advertisements — but I can see a deal where Dish and the Big 4 work out something that it won’t automatically skip the commercials during the first 24-48 hours of a show but a sensor will zip the commercials after a set time period.

  3. Jared Wallin 24 May, 2012 at 09:57 Reply

    Actually Miller, the Auto Hop doesn’t turn on until 1am after the show aired. So if you watching a show on the same night it came on, just not live (referred to as time shifted) then it doesn’t automatically skip the commercials.

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