TV Networks Preparing to Sue Dish Network


If you’ve listened to any of our JustUs Geeks podcasts, then you know that Jared is a big fan and supporter of Dish Network’s new DVR system, the Hopper. Dish recently updated the Hopper to include a new feature called “Auto Hop” that automatically skips over commercials on shows recorded off the Big 4 networks… and, as expected, they are readying legal action against the television provider.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, lawyers for the networks are gearing up to take Dish to task for “attacking our ecosystem”. See, TV shows aren’t made just to entertain you and give you something to do instead of exercise. TV shows are exclusively made in order to sell advertisements (commercials) that reap the network money. That is why ratings are so important to a TV show… the more folks who view a show, the more money the network can charge for commercials that air during that show. TV networks are nothing more than advertising firms when you get down to it.

That is why they are so upset at Dish and their Auto Hop. If viewers aren’t watching the ads, then the network can’t charge as much money to the advertisers.

I’m a huge fan of the Hopper and I’m really enjoying Auto Hop… but I won’t be surprised if it is suddenly disabled here soon.


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