Ubisoft Registers Domain Name for “Avengers: Battle for Earth”


According to internet sources Ubisoft has registered a domain name for a possible game based on the Avengers movie titled “Avengers: Battle for Earth”. You didn’t expect the movie to come without a terrible videogame tie in did you? I’m frankly surprised this game isn’t already out but maybe that means it will be pretty decent.

Not that all comic based movie games have to be terrible.  I mean the X-men Origins: Wolverine game was decent, but then there were the Fantastic Four games which were total disasters. Especially the Wii versions.

While this isn’t an official announcement of the game from Ubisoft, expect more news on the subject soon. Also don’t forget to check tomorrow for this weeks JustUs Geeks podcast for a full review of the Avengers movie and more cool stuff!

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