Wait! That’s Not Iron Man?


Speculation abounds that Tony Stark IS NOT, in fact, inside that Hulkbuster armor.

Hulkbuster Avengers 2

Remember that Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer released a while back? The one with the scene of Hulk and the Iron Man Hulkbuster duking it out? Now we might have even more details about that scene!


The cover of a German LEGO playset has led to some speculation about what could actually be happening in that scene. Apparently, the cover photo on the box features the Hulkbuster armor standing on the left side, with the Hulk trapped in some kind of machine on the right. Below the Hulk is evil AI Ultron, whom some think could indicate that the Hulkbuster armor could be controlled by Ultron. Above the Hulk is Scarlet Witch, who could possibly be coming to Hulk’s rescue.

At any rate, all this is pure speculation till we see the movie – or at least get a full length trailer. So, what do you guys think? Dead giveaway, or bored fanboys? Comment and tell us how you think it’s gonna go.

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