Walmart Fall Reset Reveals Chain’s Plans for Transformers


Been disappointed lately in visiting your local Walmart?  Feel like the toy supply has all but dried up?  Well, relief may be coming in the form of a fall reset for the toy section due to be implemented this week.  The biggest changes are usually a shuffling of all the aisles, making you have to look for your favorite lines and items again (great tactic, btw, Walmart), but we can see by these pictures what to expect through Spring from our “favorite” big box retailer.

As you can see the emphasis is going to be on Transformers Prime, though the Transformers Generations line will get a row of pegs.  This is a quite larger set than Transformers have had in recent months, which is good to see.  Conspicuously, there is no place for Generations Voyager class figures, and even stranger, Walmart is still allowing space for Dark of the Moon toys. Just clearance ’em already!

Huge thanks to Josh for picking up on this and getting us these pictures.


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