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As Season 3 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic rounds out towards its conclusion, something special is about to happen: Twilight Sparkle, the centerpiece of the Mane 6, will become a princess, just like her mentor Celestia.  It’s all set to happen in the finale of the show’s third season, according to an exclusive look by ew.com.  Says head writer Meghan McCarthy, (who we interviewed, here and here)

 “She was set up from the very beginning to be on an important journey. It’s really about her earning this new status by combining all the things that we’ve seen her learn over the course of the series.”

But, we shouldn’t worry, McCarthy explains.  Just because Twilight becomes a princess, it doesn’t mean that she will change.

“What we didn’t want to do was change who she is as a character, because she’s certainly someone that everyone’s proud to know and love,” McCarthy says. “I don’t think becoming a princess really changes her; I think it’s going to introduce some new challenges for her.”

Being a princess isn’t just about being pretty, having nice gowns, and getting to stay in a castle, though.  There’s lots more to being a princess, and if seasons 1-3 have shown us anything, Twilight is up to the job.

“Being a princess is about being a good pony who shares the gifts that they have been given with others,” according to McCarthy. “We’re building a very unique mythology around being a princess,” she continues. “Every little girl wants to be a princess, and not everybody can get to be a princess — but you can live up to the ideals that should come along with being a princess.”

Fair enough.  We’re on board with the “not every girl can be a princess” but you can act like one.  But, how does this change the series and the toys?  Time will tell.  Look for a MLP marathon on February 16th, followed by the Coronation episode finale at 10:30 a.m. EST.  Many fans were worried by the short order of episodes for this season, but if news of the impending princess-themed toy line is any indication, the MLP juggernaut isn’t stopping anytime soon.  Huzzah!  Check out exclusive pics of some the new toys below, thanks to our friends at ew.com

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