A real life super villain? Rex Velvet is Seattle’s answer to Phoenix Jones


If you haven’t heard, superheroes are real. REAL. No, I’m not talking about those phonies like Superman or Spiderman, I mean real live superheroes like Phoenix Jones and the Rain City Superhero Movement, a collective of vigilantes who have been working to make up for what they see as deficiencies they see in the city’s police force.

Enter Rex Velvet. Revealed in a video this past Tuesday that has subsequently gone viral, Velvet says that his mission is simple: rid the city of these silly, vigilante nerds.

Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up.

You do have to admit that Velvet’s video, which I’ve included above, is very well done. It almost makes you want to root for the guy.

JUG has contacted Mr. Velvet for an interview. Watch this site for more news in the coming days!

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