Beyond Bizarre: Transformers “Cap Bots” coming soon


(Beyond Bizarre is a new feature at JustUs Geeks, where the geeks take a look at bizarre tech, toys, movies, video games, and more.  What can you expect?  The unexpected, of course.)

You know what’s a great idea?  Transforming robots.  Robots that turn into cars, planes, tanks, ships, and maybe even the occasional animal.  You know what’s beyond bizarre?  These guys:

If you’re thinking that those robots might just transform into miniature replicas of ballcaps, you would be right!  Today, put up some new images of the upcoming Transfomers: Cap Bots collection from Takara Tomy, which features an Autobot and Decepticon that transform into headwear.  I’m still trying to decide if these are lame or cool.  Oh, who am I kidding?  If someone said they’d buy those for me, I’d take them in a flash!  Check out the rest of the pics below and let us know if you’ll be picking these up when they are released.

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