E3 2012 Xbox 360 Recap


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For those of you not keeping up with the absolute invasion of E3 news this week, and seriously I think even if your main hobby was knitting sweaters for kittens you couldn’t avoid E3 coverage from SOMEWHERE recently, we here at Just Us Geeks Central Command (JUGCC) have recapped our favorite (and some not so favorite) moments for each main contender at this years Electronic Entertainment Expo.


Microsoft came out pretty strong this year by revealing a new program for the xbox 360 that will allow it to connect and receive media from tablets and other mobile devices called SmartGlass. Some uses that have been announced by the big M have been the ability to stream movies directly to and from the tablet and console, and the usage of enhanced features for some games. Madden 2013 for example will have a feature allowing you to use your tablet of choice to select plays and changes on the fly during the game. Because you know,  you don’t already have a controller in your hand or anything. I honestly feel that while SmartGlass will be pretty cool, I’m going to have to see more features before I commit to purchasing a tablet just to use it. Android and IOS tablet’s have been announced to function with the system, and we all can tell this is a missile aimed directly at Nintendo’s Wii U controller and console coming out this holiday season.


Game wise, Microsoft had probably the strongest showing of all at E3 with some pretty great gameplay footage for Halo4. Resident Evil 6 was also shown along with a trailer for Dead Space 3. My problem with those two games however, is that for horror series there didn’t seem to me much… you know.. horror in those trailers. They looked more like action games. Big Explosions, heavy rock music, and all the shooting made it look like instead of a gut wrenching horror flick I was watching Gears of Space… Dead. Hopefully the final product will contain more scares as both of the series are known for. Also that reminds me there was a Gears of War: Judgement trailer, but info on this game was broke out by Game Informer last month.


Lineup wise, I think Microsoft has Sony pretty wrapped up this year. Feel free to argue with me but while Sony had a somewhat decent lineup, the lack of Vita support and good exclusive titles (other than Last of Us) I didn’t see much to compete with the Juggernaut of Halo4. Nintendo, well Nintendo had all new hardware and games to show off with the Wii U, but more on that later.


For now, here are some of my favorite trailers we’ve seen from this year’s E3











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