Episode 150: Beginning at the end.


For the big milestone, the Geeks go live at the end. theatre in Florence, Alabama!Episode 150

Quick note from us here: this is a live show, in a venue we had never visited before. There are some feedback issues, but they shouldn’t be too distracting. Just a heads-up as we get you going this week!

First off, thanks a ton to everyone who came out to the end. theatre in Florence, Alabama to support us for our 150th episode; we had a BLAST! Thanks especially to our new friends at the end. theatre, as we hope to use this space again for our next Alabama live show!

The show opens with a great round of audience participation for our weekly Question of the Week: What do you geek out about? We had lots of great responses, Matt says something dumb about Weezer and Wonder Woman, and we had some new friends join in the conversation!

We’d be remiss not to mention our great friends from The Geek Gathering for bringing new friends and participating in the show!

We used Episode 150 as a new beginning of sorts, and we debut in our first segment a short narrative on podcasting. We answer some great questions about where podcasting came from, how JustUs Geeks got it’s start, and where podcasting is going in 2015. Be sure to be on the lookout for more content like this from us in the future!

We also announced to our live audience that we are now officially sponsored-in-part by our new friends at lynda.com! Visit lynda.com/justusgeeks, sign up for a 10 day trial that you won’t regret, and do something great for yourself in 2015!

The second half of the show gave the audience another shot to be heard as the Geeks talk about the difference between geeks and nerds.

Again, thank so much for all of the support over the last 150 episodes, for all the great geeks we’ve met, and for all of the feedback we’ve received. Here’s to more geeky goodness!

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