Episode 203: Deadpool


The merc with a mouth returns to the silver screen, and the JustUs Geeks review the all new Deadpool movie. (Also, we reveal the Secret Project at the break.)


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Ryan Reynolds has done it.

For quite a while we here at JustUs Geeks have said that Ryan Reynolds was perfectly cast as Deadpool years ago for that weird Wolverine movie, and that the writing was the only thing keeping Reynolds from being the perfect Mr. Pool.

Fear no more Deadpool lovers, as Logan says in Episode 203, “If you like Deadpool, you’ll love this movie.” To be upfront, we don’t think there are many ways you can technically spoil this movie; there’s not much spoiler material in the film at all. If you do want to see the film before taking in any content about it, we understand; we’ll be waiting right here until you get back.

Our review of the film is pretty straightforward, and in true JustUs Geeks fashion, not everyone agrees on if the film is actually any good or not. We even go so far as to talk about Deadpool in general, and what about the character is so beloved and hated by comic fans all across the world.

Should you see this movie? Well, if you’re on the fence about it, listen to our review and make up your mind. Should you listen to this episode even if you aren’t going to see the movie or you hate Deadpool? WHAT ARE YOU, CRAZY? YES! LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE!!

Here’s a good reason why you should also listen to this episode: we finally tell you all you need to know about our Secret Project! That’s right! Listen to the break for all of the details, and then, do things with them! Simple, right?

Let us know what you think of the Deadpool movie, and of course, our review as well. Give us those strong opinions in the comments below!

So, yeah…..Secret Project. Listen now!

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