Episode 208: airbnb


To airbnb or not to airbnb, that is the question answered in this week’s podcast.



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We are back from Lexington Comic and Toy Convention 2016, and we can say that it was our best year so far! If you haven’t already done so, make sure you go subscribe to our YouTube channel; we still have lots of amazing content to release in the next few weeks.

See? We even had time to do a little horsin’ around at LexCon:

If you remember from last week’s episode, we were super excited about taking our road trip, and staying in our first airbnb. Maybe you’ve heard of the service, and maybe you have given thought to taking the chance on airbnb; this week’s episode is for you.

In this week’s show we tell our story with airbnb, all of the good and bad, and what our thoughts are about our experience, and the service overall. Just to be totally upfront, we had a bad experience, ended up having a great experience, but we are left wondering whether or not the service is worth the risk. Also, if you followed along with our troubles on Twitter last weekend, please know that airbnb finally did come through and fix our situation (full disclosure here).

We can say, though, that the hosts we ended up staying with were FANTASTIC! You don’t want to miss our stories about our time at the little castle in Lexington in the show, and how great our folks were. Go follow along with Trish and the OPEN Studio by visiting their website and Instagram.

Also, look at this granola!


Have you had great experiences with airbnb? Horrible ones? Did you see us at LexCon? WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! Let us know what you think of the show, and our LexCon footage, on social media and the comments below!

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