Episode 222: Independence Day

Independence Day

Check out our review of Independence Day: Resurgence (with spoilers), and help us settle a heated debate: was the first film a huge pop culture success? Listen to this week’s episode now.



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By now you’ve made your mind up whether or not you’re going to see ID:4R, and it seems like lots of people stayed away from the latest installment of the Independence Day franchise this weekend. We saw the movie so you don’t have to!

Want to know why you should or should not see the newest Independence Day movie? This week’s podcast is for you.

Listen to the show, and let us know whether you agree or disagree with our review of the film, but we also need you to help us settle a question from this week’s episode: was Independence Day a pop culture phenomenon with lasting power? Logan seems to think it wasn’t, so we need you to help prove him right or wrong. Leave your comments below and on our social media pages.

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