Fear the Walking Dead – Video and Stills Released!


Remember that new Walking Dead series set in L.A.? Wanna see some pics and video? We’ve got it for you – get ready to Fear the Walking Dead!

AMC has released a promo video including some footage from the new companion series. This new series, set in Los Angeles, will chronicle the fall of civilization. Series creator Robert Kirkman had this to say: “Fear the Walking Dead takes us back to the earlier, more dangerous, more terrifying days of The Walking Dead. A time when danger was lurking around every corner and the thing most likely to get you killed was your own ignorance of the rapidly changing world around you. The stakes are going to be higher and the ride more intense. We’re going to show people all the insanity of civilization crumbling that Rick Grimes slept through. Buckle up.”


Sounds pretty awesome. If your interest in the original series has died, this could be the thing you need to bring it back from the dead…to eat you. So – on a scale of one to Norman Reedus – how awesome do you guys think this show will be? Comment us below!

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