From The Great Beyond? Next TWO iPhones Possibly Designed by Steve Jobs


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Fight the living, and fear postmortem phone designs. What?!?

Reports have come out of meetings between San Francisco District Attorney George Gascón and many mobile device makers over large numbers of phone thefts. However, the most interesting report comes from a conversation between Gascón and Apple’s government liaison, Michael Foulkes. While the goal of meetings was to convince manufacturers to develop a uniform system for disabling stolen cell phones, with iPhone being at the center of the conversation, it appears Gascón might have been let in on some interesting information, quite accidentally.

Gascón described his conversation with Foulkes as “underwhelming”. “He did most of the talking. It was incredible. He would just go on and on, one subject to the next. It was hard to follow. It was almost like someone who’s been trained in the art of doing a lot of talking and saying nothing.”

Foulkes reportedly stated to Gascón that doing any form of research into a uniform system for all manufacturers would be “long and laborious”, and touted the “Find My iPhone” app as a way to help track down stolen iDevices.

But why the gory theme and what could possibly tie this “trivial” conversation to The Great Beyond?

Foulkes “hinted” to Gascón that Apple had already completed work on the next TWO (right, not one but two) generations of iPhone, and that their development “preceded Tim Cook”.

While we aren’t sure exactly which models of iPhone we are getting in the coming months, you can be sure that they are extensions of the late Steve Jobs. No, there isn’t a special lab hidden away for Jobs to tinker and design from his great reward, but it’s proof that Jobs work was constant. And as we’ve stated many times before, his overall effect on the company he built will be felt for many many years to come.

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