Gamestop sells Out of Wii U $349.99 Bundle Pre-orders



If there is one thing Nintendo remains consistent about, it is making sure their is always some form of shortage of hardware when they launch a console around Christmas. After 48 hours of allowing pre-orders to begin, Gamestop announced the deluxe bundles of the Wii U were sold out. Congratulations to those of you who ran down and placed some money on the table for the debut HD Nintendo console, and for those that didn’t try and remind yourself you can either buy the craptastic $299.99 bundle or just wait for the next wave to arrive. I am not surprised the deluxe bundle sold more quickly for it was the more attractive buy. To put things in a little bit of a perspective, ALL HDD sizes and models of the ps3 sold out in under two hours at Gamestop years ago when pre-orders were opened for Sony’s expensive little toy. The Wii U launch window lineup already looks way more impressive than what Sony or Microsoft had available for their consoles at launch, so lets hope Nintendo can keep up the momentum.

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