Important Fantasy Football UPDATE!



*UPDATE! Final Draft time is 9:30 PM CENTRAL time on Tuesday, August 28th. Have your picks in mind, and join us via Skype for the draft!*

Due to several circumstances, our Fantasy Football draft date and time has changed. Our new Live Draft date is August 28th and the time will be between 9 PM & 9:30 PM. Keep your eye out on the league message board for the exact time. (Sorry about all the confusion, guys.)

We also still have a couple of spots left in the JustUs Geeks Fantasy League, so if you or someone you know wants to fill that spot, here’s how to sign up!

Here’s the info you’ll need to get in:

The Leagues’s URL:

League ID#: 476734

Password: geekfootball

Please keep in mind that if you’ve not ever played Fantasy Football before, it doesn’t matter! Come join our league and get featured weekly on the JustUs Geeks Podcast!

Hit us up on Twitter for any questions/comments: @JustUs_Geeks.

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