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*Pre-season Fantasy Football word of advice: BEWARE THE MADDEN CURSE*

This week at E3 we got our first look at the upcoming Madden ’13. Now, Madden isn’t exactly known for making huge waves at E3, but this year’s version has had some notable upgrades: new player physics, dubbed Infinity Engine and Xbox Kinect intergration.

Now, let it be known: I have not been a fan of the Kinect. With the exception of a couple decent experiences (and Marty LOVES Kinect Fruit Ninja by the way), I’ve not been the biggest fan, and mainly because of less-than-stellar video performance. As we’ve seen recently with Mass Effect 3, the voice control option with Kinect is pretty great, and it appears that our friends at EA realized this. You’ll use a series of voice commands to control your player in pre-snap settings on offense AND defense. Never got to be the starting QB who barked out an audible at the line to win the game? Now’s your chance.

Madden ’13 recognizes over 6,000 words, according to EA, and with direct command suggestions in-game and in menus, this integration seems as though it will work pretty well.

According to multiple sources from E3, the Kinect integration worked with little hiccups, yet the Infinity Engine was the star of the show. Broken tackles are now harder to obtain, you can see real definition and flex along the line of scrimmage, and instant replays look almost life-like.

Normally, I’d say unless you’re a sports game fan you might could skip a Madden here or there, but not this time. Madden ’13 drops on August 28th.

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