National StreetPass Weekend Returns!


Where should you go to connect for National StreetPass Weekend? Locations inside!

National StreetPass Weekend


Prepare to connect with fellow Nintendo 3DS owners across the country this Thanksgiving weekend as National StreetPass Weekend returns!

Simply go to any Nintendo Zone location (McDonald’s, AT&T stores, Best Buy, Ruby Tuesday, etc) with your system in sleep mode and wait for that telltale beacon of green light November 26-30 to retrieve StreetPasses from random 3DS owners around the United States.

Have a few StreetPass puzzle pieces that you can’t ever seem to get? Want to see what someone’s Animal Crossing house looks like from Alaska? Fancy a battle for gold with Bob from Albuquerque in Shovel Knight? All of this and more will be possible this holiday weekend!

So on behalf of myself and, Happy Thanksgiving and Happy StreetPassing!

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