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In this current gaming generation, titles that have appeared on all three consoles have typically found their weakest link in the Wii version. Inferior graphics, usually tacked on motion controls, and lackluster to zero multiplayer additions. The Wii U however, looks to change all of that. Ninja Gaiden 3 is a game that got supremely decimated by reviewers and fans alike with a metacritic score of 58 slowing down our once great gaming ninja champion. The version coming to the Wii U later this year, Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge, just may have enough changes to it’s core experience to deliver a game truly worthy of the vaunted Ninja Gaiden franchise.


The new version doubles the amount of weapons in the game, showed at E3 were two swords the player duel wields to slash up foes, and adds another Ninpo power to the players magical arsenal. Touted by Nintendo is also the addition of new enemy characters, smarter AI, and a revamped combat system. Clunky combat controls, poor enemy AI, and an all around departure from the general feel of the series appears to be the main reasons NG3 is so despised by gamers and critics alike. Since this game has more time in development to cook and the fact that is being redesigned completely for the Wii U gives it a chance to correct those mistakes.


Also good news is that the game will not only utilize the “Tablet” controller, but also the Wii U Gamepad Pro. For those that think the tablet controller may be uncomfortable to use for extended gaming sessions, this may prove to be a relief. Time will only tell what functions the tablet controller’s screen will have to boost (and hopefully not cheapen) the Ninja Gaiden experience. What I truly want for the Wii U though is not a series of weak ports and tacked on gimmicks, but superior versions of games that fully utilize the unique hardware of the Wii U console. Stay tuned to Just Us Geeks and our weekly podcast for your daily doses of all things geek.

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