Nintendo Rumored to Unveil New Castlevania 3DS Game at E3



Nintendo rumors have been hopping around the internet lately and one such morsel suggests that producer David Cox and director Enric Alvare, the pair that sired the excellent Castlevania: Lords of Shadow game, are hard at work developing a Castlevania game for the 3DS to be revealed at E3. Two names for the rumored entry into this hallowed franchise have surfaced, Castlevania: Mirror of Fate, and Castlevania: Mirror of Faith. For some reason, call it geek intuition, I feel that Mirror of Fate is probably going to be the title. It could be anyone’s guess however, I can only hope that it will be as amazing as the other 2d entries on the NDS.


Speaking of 2D, I wonder if there is a possibility this could be a 3D action game, much like the Lords of Shadow entry that appeared on xbox360 and ps3. I’m sure the 3DS hardware could handle it, but I”m still a nostalgic sucker for the good ‘ole days of Castlevania gaming where I ran from one side of the screen to the next whipping horror movie enemies to bits. Ahh.. Almost enough to make me brush off the dust on the Castlevania trilogy for the NES. NEVER CASTLEVANIA 2: SIMON’S CURSE THOUGH! Yeesh…..

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