Random Netflix Movie of the Week – Creep


Craigslist can be creepy, but THIS creepy? Here’s our Random Netflix Movie of the Week: Creep.

We’ve all heard the stories and seen the reports – Craigslist ads gone wrong. Whether it’s a sale, a date, or a job, the typical caution applies: be safe, be public, be smart.

This week’s movie is all about what can happen when the usual cautions aren’t enough.

Aaron answers an online ad for a videographer, a seemingly simple and upfront proposition. He meets Josef, a cordial guy with an interesting story who is – from the getgo – awkward and a little uneasy.

The film unfolds under the guise of a found footage/documentary type scenario, and as a pure spectator, you watch the situation unfold. I found myself whispering instructions and cringing with embarrassment/shock/terror, all within a few minutes at times.

This is exactly the type of thriller/drama I enjoy – it stays with me enough to creep me out now and then, but I generally don’t feel like a Craigslist stalker is on task scoping me out.

If you like a slightly predictable at times yet still engrossing thrill, this is an excellent watch. I say give it a try as soon as possible – and keep away from the Craigslist ads, just to be safe.

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