Random Netflix Movie of the Week – Nebraska


It’s a thing that people have “sleep movies” right? A movie that you turn on at night to fall asleep to?


Just us? Okay then.

Well, this week’s movie has been my sleep movie for months, and it will remain so until it goes the way of several of my other sleep movies and disappears from Netflix.

Nebraska is a wonderful film, truly. It’s impeccably acted, wonderfully written, and beautifully shot. It also happens to help me fall asleep.

Bruce Dern plays Will Forte’s crochety, crass, losing-touch-with-reality father, Woody. He receives a sweepstakes flyer in the mail and becomes convinced that if he can just make his way to Lincoln, Nebraska, he will be a millionaire.

Reason doesn’t stop Woody, nor does tough love, physical danger, or ridicule. Eventually his son David (Forte) joins him on his journey. The chain of ensuing events will make you laugh, break your heart, and eventually – well, eventually you just want to hug someone.

Don’t let the fact that this movie puts me to sleep every night lead you to believe that it’s a boring film. It’s definitely not. Shot in black and white and lacking all the pyrotechnic frenzy of explosions that are common in many movies, it’s simply a soothing background for my sleep.

You should watch it. Turn it on tonight, and maybe it’ll be your new nightly go-to as well.

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