Random Netflix Movie of the Week – Nightcrawler


Random Netflix M.O.T.W. returns this week with Nightcrawler, featuring creepy Jake Gyllenhall!



Jake Gyllenhaal is wonderful. I mean, really. I’ve loved him since Donnie Darko. But it’s nice to be reminded that any good actor has a layer of creepy that they can call upon when necessary, because when they do….well, things like Nightcrawler are born.

Louis Bloom is high strung and desperate. He lives off cons and crime, whatever he can manage. One night when he happens upon a car accident, he sees the vultureish grit reporters filming the scene – and he is inspired.

A camcorder and some pushy interactions lead Louis into the chaos and seed of crime journalism, where he flourishes (is that right? Can being creepy and stalkery but being REALLY good at it count as flourishing?) – but soon enough the line between observer and participant is blurred, and we are left questioning…well, lots of things.

If you are into being slightly-under-the-skin skeeved out, or if you need to reinforce to yourself that crime scene reporting is not your thing, then this is an excellent choice of Netflix viewing.

A+, and not just for Jake Gyllenhaal.

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