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This week’s Retro Game of the Week is the stuff of legends!

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Final Fantasy. The name strikes a nostalgic chord on the heart strings of gamers of all ages everywhere. The promise of adventure, of an epic tale, and of hours upon hours of rich and engaging gameplay all come to mind at the mention of any title in the anthology. By 1990 several releases in the series were available for both Japanese and western gamers, but soon not even leaving the TV and NES behind would be enough to escape this all encompassing RPG series.

The Final Fantasy Legend arrived in September of 1990 to North America to bring the wonder and amazement of Final Fantasy to the Gameboy. The game had all the familiar trappings of previous Final Fantasy games like turn based battles, various areas to explore and loot, and many NPC’s to meet on your journey. The game is conscious of being a portable title, thankfully including more bite-sized chunks that can easily be experienced on the go. Though the title received mixed reviews upon release, the game went on to become Square-Enix’s first million seller. The Final Fantasy Legend also proved that the Gameboy, though limited in screen size and memory capacity, would be able to support massive RPG’s like it’s more technically advanced siblings the NES and later, SNES. Comparisons have often been drawn between this early RPG hit in the Gameboy library, and the later smash success of the Pokemon series.

The Final Fantasy Legend often finds itself on various “Top Whatever” lists of best Gameboy games, and due to the massive numbers sold copies can be easily found second-hand today. The game is best experienced though on a SNES Gameboy Player, but that is just my personal preference. Any way you want to enjoy it, The Final Fantasy Legend is a great release in the Final Fantasy franchise, and if you find yourself pining for a great classic RPG one rainy afternoon, you won’t be disappointed in this portable gem.

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