• Podcast Episode 46 – GEEK TALKS!

    Sadly, Jared isn’t with us again this week as he’s currently frolicking through Atlanta with his wife, stopping in at IKEA to NOT get Swedish Meatballs.
  • Podcast Episode 5 has arrived

    This episode the Geeks discuss “Young Justice”, FBI peepin’ in on yo’ internets, viruses, favorite Nintendo accessories, whether we think Nintendo and its Wii U can be successful, Apps of the Week and more! Download from iTunes! or Download directly!
  • Animated TV Series Roundup – Superhero Edition

    I’m a sucker for pretty much anything super-hero related, especially when it comes to cartoon series. I still think “Justice League: Unlimited” is one of the greatest things ever to grace television. We’ve recently had a resurgence in quality cartoons, ...