The Dark Knight Rises: My Day-After Thoughts


Get it? He’s rising. Eh…nevermind. Go see this movie!

First off, no spoilers here…we will give you until later in the week for Episode #18: YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!

I was fortunate enough to see TDKR in IMAX yesterday, and it was well worth the wait. Jared commented after the movie that it was the clearest movie he’d ever seen, and I have to agree. This movie was just as visually stunning as I had hoped that it would be. Looked fantastic, and Nolan makes great use of the IMAX camera here.

It’s also very important to note that this Batman is from a world all of his own. This has been pretty obvious since Batman Begins but it’s just important to say to all of the comic book diehards out there.

This was one of the most intense and pressure-packed movies I’ve ever seen.The pressure begins building from the very beginning and just gets more intense as the plight of Gotham’s people and Caped Crusader unfolds.

The acting is SUPERB; there isn’t a weak link in the main cast and it shows.

Nolan tells this story masterfully. With the exception of what The Avengers has done for comic-to-film story adaption this summer, no one does it better than Nolan. NO ONE. And I think that’s the only saving grace for the upcoming Man Of Steel.

This movie will win Oscars; many many Oscars. That’s a good thing, because it blows open the door for other hero movies down the road to be taken seriously, but Nolan started that conversation back several years ago.

Bottom line is this: you MUST see this movie. “Epic” doesn’t even really do it justice.

Make sure you check back later this week for Episode #18 when we’ll discuss The Dark Knight Rises in detail.


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