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The countdown is complete; brace yourselves for All Out War!

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Welcome to day ten of the JustUs Geeks War Report countdown to All Out War. Today it starts! By now you have probably read issue 115 and know that it was mostly set up for what seems to be the first battle in the war. Today we want to look to the future and speculate what might be coming up.

One of the absolute best parts of being a part of a comic book community is speculating what is to come with other readers. The Walking Dead is no different. Even though Kirkman provides a level of unpredictability with his series, it is still fun to try and guess what kind of terrible circumstances he is going to put his characters through. What exactly is going to happen to Rick? Will Carl lose his other eye? Is Lucille actually a boy bat? No question is too absurd to ask when speculating about the future of your favorite series.

Emily Steen (Josh’s amazing wife whose blog can be found here and she can be found on Twitter here) sent me an e-mail about some of her speculations, so I wanted to hit the subjects she brought up. First she pointed out the burgeoning relationship between Ezekial and Michonne. It is amazing she point that out, as it was highlighted in today’s issue. She questions if they could together execute a Lannister-esque uprising at some point in the future. Jamey Nunley has already questioned Ezekial’s motives in this series, so it may not be unlikely that at some point during the was Michonne has to decide between Rick and Ezekial.

Next, Emily points out that she wants Andrea to die, since she hates Andrea. While I do not share Emily’s hatred of Andrea (the comic version at least), I do agree that Andrea’s death could be one of the best things that could happen during this war. Rick is just a far more interesting character when he is dealing with the loss of a loved one, and since he is fully over Lori’s death, it’s something he lacks at the moment. Even if Andrea is not killed, I doubt Kirkman will finish All Out War without having someone close to Rick die. Carl just as easily could be the next major character to die.

Emily, also points out that she believes Negan will die in an anti-climatic manner. In her own words, “I foresee his death being very anticlimactic and only made interesting by maybe it being Carl killing him with Lucille or something. Or maybe he’ll just get gotten by a walker because at this point hasn’t everyone kind of forgotten about the zombies lumbering around?” For the first time I actually disagree with Emily. I believe that much like Governor being shot in the face by one of his own people when they realized the he had lied about who they were fighting that Negan’s death will be a culmination of his sins. The image I have in mind of Negan’s death is Rick bashing his head in with Lucille in the same way that Negan did Glenn.

While it is impossible to predict the future, it is always fun to try and guess at what might happen. Whatever the future may hold, if issue 115 is any indication of what’s to come, it will be amazing. I look forward to whatever goodies Kirkman has prepared for us.

I just wanted to thank everyone for joining us over the last ten days as we did our countdown to All Out War. It has been an enjoyable and rewarding project for me. I hope you continue to check back here as All Out War continues. Remember that is your number ONE source for everything All Out War.

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