This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things: Internet Replaces the Monopoly Iron Token With…..a Cat.




I hate cats.

There, the truth is out there.

 I enjoy their videos, their flying pop-tart antics, and anything that involves them falling off things, but I hate the animal.  They are a pox on our species.  So, what better way to commemorate the downfall of mankind by changing the beloved game of Monopoly’s token line up?  When this was first announced at the start of 2013, I knew that this would only end one way.  The internet loves cats, and in an overwhelming choice, choose the metallic feline you see above to be it’s new Monopoly overlord, beating out a robot, a diamond ring, a helicopter, and a guitar.  The race to last place was tight between the wheelbarrow, shoe, and iron, but in the end, I guess people just hate ironing clothes.  Look for the new game, Monopoly: Cat Edition soon, where I WILL NOT be fighting to choose my piece first, and will still end up getting stuck with the cat, I’m sure.

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